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Sonnet, Spencer & Coach

These sweet Welsh terriers are a mother and son trio – Sonnet (in the middle, below) is the mom, and Spencer and Coach are her two sons. Sonnet looks amazing at 14 years, and the boys are both 10 years old, if you can believe it. Lovely Sonnet is a retired show champion and former […]

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Einstein is a one-year-old Cavalier King Charles and the perfect example of why breeders shouldn’t focus only on looks: not only does he have a wonderful temperament, the mis-matched marking on his eyes make him BEYOND adorable – it’s hands-down the feature that makes him unique and unbearably cute. His mom sent me an iPhone […]

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Skylar at 8 weeks old!

What better way to start a Monday than with a brand-new, unbelievably adorable, 8-week-old Portuguese Water dog puppy?! Skylar was just brought home by his mom a week before our session, but he’s already bonded with her and they are doing fabulously. He already knows the command “sit,” comes when she calls, and even stands […]

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