Frequently Asked Questions

-Why custom photography?
Custom photography is an investment in images that preserve memories and capture your loved ones as you really know them, and with proper care these images will last a lifetime. With a degree in photojournalism and nine years of experience as a professional pet photographer, I create unique and timeless images that tell your pet’s story and allow their personality to shine.

-Can I be in some of the pictures with my pet?
Sure! You are more than welcome to hop in a few of the photos with your pet, and I may even spontaneously take a few of you together if I see the perfect moment. However, please keep in mind that because my style is more natural and candid, if you’re looking for arms-around-each-other’s-shoulders, smiling-at-the-camera posed shots, I may not be the photographer for you. Please visit the Pets & their People gallery to see the types of images I create of pets with their owners.

-Do you photograph pets besides cats and dogs?
Sessions aren’t just limited to dogs and cats – feel free to complete a session application for any other pet you’d like to have photographed.

-What if I have more than four pets?
Then I’m jealous of you – I wish we had room for more! Depending on how many pets you have, I will probably recommend that we schedule sessions across different days and divide the subjects in a way that works for you. This way, we won’t be rushed and I’ll be able to spend as much time and energy as I need to with each of our models.

-How long does a session last?
Most sessions last about 1-2 hours, but there’s no set time limit. We will play and shoot (and bribe!) for as long as we need to, until I know that I have a great variety of images for you.

-What’s included in the session fee?
The session fee includes my time both during the session and in the digital darkroom after your session. Careful attention and detail is paid to each and every one of your images so that you’ll have only the best images to choose from. The session fee also includes 30 miles of my roundtrip travel from zip code 30341, and a private online viewing gallery and slideshow. Prints, products, and digital files are NOT included in the session fee. (However, homes with rescued pets adopted through any charitable organization will receive an 8×10 print or two smaller prints with their session fee.)

-What happens if it rains or I need to cancel or postpone for other reasons?
I ask for a $50 retainer to officially reserve your date, and depending on how far out your scheduled date is, we may wait a few weeks to decide on a definite time in case the weather decides not to cooperate. If weather becomes an issue, I’ll touch base with you 24-48 hours before to talk about rescheduling, and your retainer will be re-applied to a new date. Cancellations unrelated to weather must be received at least 72 hours in advance, or the retainer will be forfeited as a cancellation fee.

-How long do I have to choose my pictures after the session?
About two weeks after your session, you’ll receive information on how to access your online gallery and slideshow. From that time, you’ll have two weeks to make your decisions and I will be available to help you as much (or as little!) as you need. Additional time with your gallery and slideshow can be added for a fee.

-Do you travel?
The majority of my sessions are on-location, so I travel throughout Atlanta and the surrounding metro areas. As of right now, I do not offer out-of-state sessions. I am happy to recommend fellow pet photographers if I know any in your area.

-How do you pronounce your name?!
This probably is one of the most frequently asked questions! My first name is pronounced “LEE-see-uh,” like Alicia without the A at the beginning. And my last name is even easier — “Teh” just rhymes with “hay.” But I get every variation you can think of, so no worries, I answer to just about anything, including “hey, you with the camera!”

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